Robust Theme Framework

Page Templates

After installing Robust on your Kajabi account, open it up for customization and notice the “Change Page Template" button added to your top bar
Click the button to view the “Change Page Template” dialog and select from over 100 premade page designs.

Page template options depend on the page type. Visit your blog to select a blog page design, visit your library page to select your library page design.

You may add pages or overwrite existing ones any time.

Section Library

After installing Robust on your Kajabi account, open it up for customization and click the “Add Section” button to access the section library.

Each Robust Template contains over a 1000 premade sections.

Browse the library and click the “add section” button to add the new section to your page.

You can visit our Site Builder and click the “Browse Pages” button to preview all included sections prior to installing the template on your Kajabi account.

In-Line Editing

Click any text element in the preview panel within your Kajabi account to use the inline editor
Edit your text, colors, font family, font size, alignment indent and background color; directly in your template preview panel.

Use the Style Widget to control any additional properties.

Improved SEO

Boost your search-visibility with SEO optimized markup.
Robust implements dozens of On-Page SEO Improvements following SEOmoz advice for 2023.
Rank higher on Google with Optimized meta tags, added Social-network-specific Tags,
Schema Implementation and many more SEO improvements built into the template.

Header and Footers

Robust includes a large selection of premade header and footer designs.
Click the “Change Header” button to browse header design options.
Click “Replace Header” to overwrite your existing header design.

Robust Template headers and footers are made from blocks and provide a whole new level of customization flexibility.

Exit and 2 Step Popups

Robust includes a large selection of premade Exit and 2-Step Popups
Click the “Change Popup” button to browse the design options.
Click “Replace Popup” to overwrite your existing popup design.

Robust Template popups are made from blocks and provide a whole new level of customization flexibility.

Style Widget

Among the settings of every section or block, you may find a Style Widget.
The Style Widget provides full control of every element in your page and adds advanced functionality,
(such as that available in Wix and Elementor) into your Kajabi Page Builder

Designed to be intuitive enough for all to use, the Style Widget puts the full power of CSS in your hands.


Display any icon from the Font-Awesome icon library by simply pasting the icon’s ID

The Font-Awesome Library is a popular library of over 7000 Icons.
Robust offer easy integration with Font-Awesome icon library,

Easily display any font from the library and set its size and color.

Copy a Section to Another Page

After creating and customizing a section you can copy the entire section and paste it to a different page or a different Robust template.

Repeating the same custom section in a few different pages of your template is a very common website design pattern that was not possible within Kajabi prior to Robust.
Now, instead of recreating the same section multiple times, you can simply copy your customized section and paste it to your other pages.

Layout Wrappers

Control your section’s layout with Robust’s Layout Wrappers.
Gain full control over your section layout by adding Layout Wrapper to your section.
Layout wrappers can be set horizontally or vertically and contain your section’s blocks, allowing for a more complete layout control (previously available only on platforms, like Wix and Elementor) into your Kajabi Page Builder

Tooltips and Help Links

We have created dozens of video tutorials and resources to help you make the most of your Robust templates. Alongside many of the features and options in your Robust template, you will find an Info Icon;
Hover the info icon to learn more about the features, click the tutorial link to visit the relevant resource or tutorial.
Making it easier and faster to learn and progress.


Robust upgrades your Blog design and functionality to a whole new level

Choose from a large library of beautiful, modern pre-made designs
Use the “Tags to include” to create grids of sliders displaying featured posts or create a group of sliders displaying posts segmented by tags or categories.
Control your first, tags and additional pages separately.
Use dynamic blocks to set your sliders and grids exactly the way you want them.
Gain full control over your blog post page.

Hero Sliders

Create animated Hero Sliders.

To create a slider, open the section library, select Slider Heros, and add the hero slider that most resembles your vision.
Set a default animation for all blocks or set slide specific animations for each block.

Control your slider’s speed, pagination, next and previous arrows and more.


Display a group of repeating items within an animated swiper carousel.
Perfect for displaying testimonials, offers and cards.

Choose the number of columns for each device resolution.
Control the slider’s speed, arrows, autoplay loop mode and more.

Image Hover and Mask Effects

Choose your images Hover effect from a list of predefined hover animations and effects.
Set a template default image hover effect or set it specifically for each individual image block.

Easily create image mask effects.
Choose from a list of predefined shape masks or paste in any SVG image

Global Style and Class Names

Apply the the same style properties to multiple elements.
Assign a class to any section or block.
Use the global Style Widget to apply style rules for all elements with the assigned style.

Take advantage of the cascading nature of CSS, with an intuitive implementation of CSS classes and rules.

Transition and Background Shapes

Transition shape blocks allow you to easily create fun transitions between one section to another.
Select from a list of predefined transition shapes or paste your own SVG.

Background shapes are fun abstract shapes positions behind other elements,
You can enable or disable ‘wobble’ with an animation effect.
Select from a list of predefined shapes or paste your own SVG.


Select from a large library of predefined button styles and assign them to your entire template with a single click.
Each button preset includes a fun and unique button hover effect.
Select up to 4 button styles, then easily assign any of those selected styles to any specific button by selecting a preset number.
You may overwrite any style rule for all buttons or on an individual button level.

Library and Store Pages

Select from a library of predefined Library and Store page designs.
Gain complete control over your library and store pages behavior and look.

As with any other page in a Robust template, the Library and Store pages offer a whole new level of customization and flexibility


Display your company history in a timeline pag or add a timeline section to your about page.
Choose from predefined timeline designs then customize and add additional details as required.

Product Outline

Add product pages to your website.
Automatically display the product outline (Modules and Lessons titles).

Display the product description, bullet points and the product image, in a Tab format your users will be intuitively familiar with.

Pages can be set as visible to only registered or non-registered users.